About me

HI! I’m Jaclyn, and I am so happy you are here.

Let’s get to know each other. Here is a little more about me, and I would love to learn more about you!

Jaclyn is a fitness and health entrepreneur. Her mission is to show you how to use your body optimally to boost your energy, confidence, and longevity and remove pain from your body for life.

Jaclyn has been a Personal Trainer for 15 years and opened her training studio in 2015 and smoothie bar with the dream of healing her hometown. Her studio was snowballing, and then March 2020 changed the trajectory of her path. She moved her entire business online, developing an online fitness, health and mindset exercise platform and began serving individuals around the globe.

It quickly turned into more than just personal training and posture. It became more about the relationship between the balance of our body, mind, and soul and how it aids in the aging process.

The developed method that Jaclyn found herself evolving promotes healing and increased energy in the body. She called it JWH. Standing for Jaclyn Willms Health, using the word health to include that exercise, hydration, sleep, gut health, stress, and mental fitness are equal factors when Jaclyn creates your fitness prescription to achieve optimal balance in our body.

Jaclyn has always been heavily involved in sports and physical activity. At eight years old, you could find her swimming, playing soccer, practicing martial arts and balancing out the physical activity, she loved playing the piano. Jaclyn excelled at all these activities over the years, travelled for soccer, and became a black belt by 18. The swimming, let's just say she was a sinker. It became pretty obvious what Jaclyn could be doing for her lifelong career: teaching people how to move their bodies somehow. After high school, Jaclyn enrolled to be a Personal Trainer, and the rest is history!

Physical movement is magic. It not only relieves physical pain but builds mental and emotional resilience. Our body doesn't lie, and Jaclyn wants to show you exactly how to use your physical body's movement, posture and patterns to propel your life forward with proper form, function and a little fun.

Let me show you how to carry yourself with confidence & strength.

Jaclyn Willms Health

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